Posture Wings are functional fashion! Biomechanically proven through a major university to build muscles and improve posture.

Mary’s Story,

Like so many people, my job requires me to sit at the computer all day and I was in pain. Then, one morning I struggled to move my arms. I began physical therapy (PT) and they diagnosed that my pain and mobility issues were from my neck and posture. I wanted relief from the pain and to regain arm movement. My PT said no brace or garment improved posture. I conducted extensive research for a product to help, but nothing existed.  I had to create something that was effective in holding my spine and shoulders and I desired comfort and beauty!  Posture Wings patented the revolution to “hinge” the shoulder with fabric. Placing the body in good posture position with freedom of movement changes your biomechanics. Our miracle garments support you to improve your body position. Good biomechanics strengthen the weakened muscles that perpetuate poor posture. When you move and sit correctly you reduce risk of injury and chronic conditions and increase respiration.

I never dreamed that my pain would inspire me to create a company and patent an invention!

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