Want your line of apparel or braces to change biomechanics?

Posture Wings set out to engineer garments to improve posture and biomechanics. After years of innovation to advance body posture via clothes, it was discovered that you have to start with the internal body structure. In other words, design from the inside out!

Ms. Fenske worked with world class experts (at multiple universities) in orthopedics, textiles, garment construction and sizing to become the revolutionary leader in biomechanics apparel.

She has collaborated with cultural diverse teams in multi-industries, academia and government agencies to achieve objectives.

If you want to take your sports apparel, lingerie or brace company to an entire new level of functional fashion – Posture Wings can consult the trades secrets and/or license it’s utility patented technology to you.

Always design with consideration of the human desire for comfort and fashion!

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