Science and Testimonials

What is the Root of Posture Pain and Chronic Conditions?


  • Disk Issues
  • Muscles with Constant Strain Weaken
  • Perpetuates Poor Biomechanics
  • Causes Chronic Conditions



  • Build Weakened Muscles With:
  1.  Postural Positioning Support
  2.  Freedom of Movement


Posture Wingstm are scientifically proven effective for building muscles.

Biomechanical Test of Posture Wings
Allan Tencer, Ph D
University Of Washington
Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Harborview Medical Center
Seattle, WA 98104

From the study, the data demonstrates that the Posture Wings bra does affect the muscles of the upper back and causes scapular retraction to pull the shoulders posteriorly. There also appears to be a residual effect when the bra is not being worn, so the bra is providing either a strengthening effect or providing muscle memory. Either would be positive. It seems the Posture Wings bra would be a positive utility for someone who suffers from kyphosis.



K L – Tacoma, WA   It’s now been 2 months since I purchased my Posture Wing. I got an idea of wearing it only at night.  I have to tell you that in the past 4 years I have NOT ONCE been able to sleep in after I awake in the morning because of neck pain waking me up (herniated C3/4, C4/5, C6/7).  The first night I wore it I slept in till 9 am!   And not only that, I don’t wake up with neck pain AT ALL!  I can’t believe it, it’s like a miracle (that sounds tacky, but true)…  Thank you for giving me encouragement.  I hope this helps with your future promotions of this wonderful product. 

J. S – Issaquah, WA    I initially bought this bra because I had a fall & fractured 3 vertebra.  It certainly helped with the pain associated during the healing process. I pulled it out again recently because I have had shoulder pain in my left shoulder for months. My massage therapist suggested it may be caused by postural issue. I have been using the bra again for a week, and my shoulder is getting better!  I mean, REALLY better!  I can’t believe it.  If this clears up, which it appears to be doing, then that saved me the stress of an MRI and all the hassle of doctors. Thank You!

The next week –    Just an FYI – I decided not to wear the Posture Wings this morning. Within 2 hours at my desk, my back and shoulder was starting to really hurt.  Stretching did not resolve it.  Thankfully, I had one in my bag, so I put it on.  Voila!  My back doesn’t ache and my shoulders are back and comfortable. The difference is profound.  I am comfortable. Thank you again.

E. R Ontario, Canada    This garment is AMAZING. It’s kind of miraculous. I don’t know how it does it, but I’ve just never had an experience like this. Such a difference to my posture. Wow. This is really something. It’s better than I imagined. I’m going to wear only this from now on. THANK YOU!

 J G – Kenmore, WA    After wearing the Posture Wings bra for a year, I would recommend it for any female.   However, I would consider it essential for a woman of my age (55 yrs) and whose job is very computer orientated.   I have had various back, shoulder and neck pain for many years and sitting slumped over at a computer aggravates my problems.  The Posture Wing bra gently reminds me to keep my shoulders back and head lifted taking stress off my problem areas and keeping my day to day pain under control.  Not only does it provide me muscle memory guidance but the bra is also very comfortable to wear even when comparing it to many other expensive bras I have purchased. I suggest all women try this bra that are experiencing problems keeping their shoulders back, relaxed and head in the anatomically correct position.   I also must share my mother’s complete satisfaction with the Posture Wing bra.  She is 88 years old and wears this bra religiously saying it is very comfortable while keeping her posture young looking….and it does.  

 R M – Woodinville, WA   Your bra has really helped my posture and my overall sense of well being.  I stand up straighter I walk taller and feel lighter.  What I notice most is that when I wear it I don’t feel the usual stinging pain in the back of my shoulders – during stressful times. Also it has helped tremendously in the awareness of standing up straight and it is now easier to put my shoulders back and retain it.  This is something I have been striving for in the past few years and wasn’t quite able to do it without the posture bra. The posture bra definitely works and works great!  I’m so grateful you created it and I found you!! That may sound cheesy – hopefully you can use it for a testimonial – but really it does work great.  Thank You so much!!!

 D S – Kirkland, WA    I want to thank you for your Posture Wings bra.  I tried this undergarment after being frustrated by being self conscience about my chest size.  As a result of my concerns, I found myself compensating by rounding my shoulders forward.  Realizing the importance of good posture, I gave the Posture Wings a try and am delighted with the results. The bra helped ‘train’ my shoulders back, while providing good support and comfort.  This small step helped revitalize my self confidence, and put me on track toward a more healthful and active lifestyle.  Who knew a bra could do so much?